There’s a way to do it better,
Find it!

~ Thomas A. Edison ~

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Golden advice for starting entrepreneurs

You have been walking around for ages with a plan, a plan of work, a plan that no one else can do but you. Your own company sounds like music to your ears. You take the leap of faith and you start something for yourself. Questions arise, some are answered, others remain unanswered. Time to answer those questions, time to make your plan a success. PCC consultancy can help you with that. To get you started we put 10 golden pieces of advice here for you.

Who am I?

Who am I? Who you are is extremely important for a prospective entrepreneur. Who you are determines how other people respond to you. What are your good sides? Why do people want to work with you personally? And what are your bad sides? What is the pitfall which may mean your potential business partner might terminate an agreement or that you can not reach an agreement? Think carefully about yourself as a person and your own powers

Talent is what counts

Talent is what counts. Develop your talent. People always think that talent should be something special like painting or playing football, but that does not mean that a proficiency for sales isn’t a talent. Or maybe you have amazing organizational skills, or perhaps you’re a terrific carpenter. With these example we want to show that everyone has a talent. Look for your own talent and think about how that fits in within your dream business.

A dream with a deadline

“A goal is a dream with a deadline” ~Napoleon Hill~
 Everybody has big dreams, but that is not always reality. Specialize your dreams to attainable goals and set up a deadline for this. Goals are only achieved if you actually aim for a deadline. Make sure your goals are clear and actually deliver something. Make sure you set goals for a short time frame and for the future.

Note goals on paper

Goals and dreams always start in the head, or during a conversation with a friend or family member. Try to write down those goals on paper. Usually a goal does not seem to work out as well as you think it will in your head. Make sure goals on paper are worked out with numbers so that they are more tangible, so you can see if your goals have actually been achieved.

The investigating

Once your goals have been worked out on paper, you can start investigating whether your goals are actually possible. Research into your goals and dream business are extremely important. A prospective entrepreneur is more successful if they have first done thorough research into the surrounding market and their own goals.

The environment

During the research phase it is also very important to conduct research into your environment. Check which place your company will work best. Where are your future customers located and with which people and companies from the area could you work together? Your environment and your first circle (family and friends) are extremely important for achieving your goals.

Believe in yourself

Now that the research has been done and goals have been established only a few other things remain, and one of them is to believe in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself and your company, nobody else will either.

Put the focus right

Put the focus on your main goals, put the focus on what you are good at and make sure that others can support you on points where you are slightly weaker.

No fear of failure

Have no fear of failure. Everyone fails in life. This makes us stronger and wiser. We all fail, but the way you correct your mistake is what ultimately can make your business better.

Tip number 10

Tip number 10 is to start with tip number 1! Good luck and know how to find us for extra support.