People’s Choice Consultancy & Recruitment

Better known as PCC, is an employment agency located in Kralendijk, Bonaire.
An employment agency is an intermediary company that mediates between employees looking for (temporary) work and employers who (temporarily) need people.

People’s Choice Consultancy

PCC Consultancy provides training and coaching, provides training projects and helps prospective entrepreneurs in their path to success. With the right coaching we strive to support entrepreneurs, job-seekers, students and retractors on their way to success.

An employment agency, and so much more!

People’s Choice Recruitment

Recruitment refers to the process of identifying, selecting and recruiting the best qualified and available candidates for a temporary or permanent vacancy.

We specialize in keeping ourselves continuously informed about the current and future supply and demand side of the labor market within the ABC islands. That is why we gladly take over the work of employers by looking for candidates who want to work and want to show, expand and improve their qualities. We strive for a match between the wishes of an employer and employee.

Due to frequently changing periodic or time-bound work, new vacancies are constantly being released. Christmas and the end of the year are busy for certain employers such as tour guides, restaurateurs and shop owners or shopping centers. During the tourist high season, the hospitality sector very often uses agency staff. The employees are employed on a short term, work intensive basis to meet the supply of temporary workers requested by employers, in order to cope with sudden short-term activity. And that is why it is so important that an employee performs in the business world in order to have a better chance of a continuous contract. PCC Recruitment is for anyone looking for work or employees.

In addition to regular and time-related work, vacancies are also regularly available for longer periods with a lot of certainty on a good contract whereby the employer ultimately hires the employee within the company. We strive for a good cooperation between employer and employee with the endpoint being a contract that everyone is at peace with.

Choose PCC Consultancy & Recruitment, employment agency.

The definition of recruitment refers to a specific and clearly defined process. Our consultancy department goes a little further, through long-term support. We get involved outside of all regular business processes.

Benefits for employers

  • We take time, resources and focus off your hands
  • Competitive advantage for companies
  • We provide background and reference checks
  • We ensure the rejection of applicants

Benefits for employees

  • Your best sparring partner
  • Offer of suitable vacancies
  • We have a direct line with the employer
  • We ensure strong starting positions and support in salary negotiations